Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome to my aspiring writer blog!

For years I've been a fan of romances and I've loved writing and creating stories. Lately I have been combining the two. I am currently at work on a romantic suspense. Whenever I enter into contests, I use the title, Heroes and Heartache, but when I'm writing or working with my critique buds (Hi Ruthie, Faith, Audrey, Susan, Olga, Heather, Angeline and Stephanie!!) I refer to the work in progress (or WIP) simply as Devlin & Haley. As you may have already guessed, Devlin in my hero and Haley my heroine.

I also love doing writing challenges and prompts. I recently joined the Writer's Circle at and entered my very first Writer's Challenge and won! I will come back in a little bit and post my winning entry. The Writer's Challenges are a maximum of 1000 words. As a winner I get to conduct and judge the next challenge. Although I can't participate since I'm judging, I couldn't resist writing one and am currently hard at work on that. Why am I hard at work writing something that can't win? Because I love doing it and I am currently procrastinating getting back to work on the current WIP.

Thanks for stopping by. I am sure in the upcoming weeks, I will be sprucing the place up and making it more my own.

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