Sunday, August 18, 2013

A flash

On the Writer's Circle forum I hang around at, we did a "flash" this weekend. A flash is where we post 100 words (more or less) from our current WIP based on whatever theme is chosen. This weekend's theme is "After Effects". It can be after a first date, first kiss, first lovemaking, etc. As long as the flash is PG-13.

I picked mine after Devlin & Haley's first kiss. I'm not sure if I'm keeping the song I chose since lyrics & tone don't really match. I chose it at the time based on title only. One of the alternate songs is Springsteen's I'm On Fire but lyrics don't quite convey the feeling either. I could go with Jace Everett's I Wanna Do Bad Things With You. :)

Here's the Flash. I hope you like it.

Although neither one mentioned the kiss, everything between them had shifted and changed. The air between them sizzled and crackled like a Tesla coil. She became aware of every breath he took, every look he sent her way, every time his arm brushed against hers. Carly Simon’s Anticipation played on a continuous loop in her head until she wanted to jump out of her skin. They might walk and talk as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, but she knew they were just biding their time, treading water. Unlike last night, tonight’s activities would not be as innocent as watching movies and eating popcorn.

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