Saturday, November 9, 2013

More NaNo Updates

I haven't been as productive the past few days. I had a really big break through on the heroine's internal conflict and it's as if my brain says it gave me that now it needs to rest.

Here's yesterday's stats. I'm still hoping to do more today so I'm not posting them just yet.

Tomorrow we leave for vacation so I probably won't get as much accomplished, if anything. Will try to post if I do.

Day 8

Favorite Lines: “Because if you were, then I’d have to add another thing to the list of things you need to know about me. I already told you I always finish what I start, I am thorough in everything I do and…” (Hero)
“And?” (Heroine)
“I always rise to a challenge.”

Total Daily Words: 919

Total NaNo Words: 8,792

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